Wednesday, January 7, 2009

and i was like, whoa.

(you'll have to click on the pictures to see them in their entirety. for some reason blogger won't let me upload pictures, so i had to upload these on photobucket and they were really big. =p)
oh the fun of having a creek in your backyard. :)

the rain the other night made the creek really swollen. yesterday it was like, REALLY swollen. like. really. but i only have pictures from today. -_-

so yeah, i decided to walk through the woods in the other direction. why? i don't know; i'm weird. but then...


that's better. BEHOLD!
this isn't my cat. it's cho's boyfriend. he's real pretty. :)
(well i think it's a he... he won't let me get too close so i can't really tell for sure. :| )
so anyway, i saw him, and i was like
and then grippey saw him and went berserk. so i ran back with grippey to the basement, locked him up, and ran back to cho's boyfriend, sweating, with grippey yelping madly to be let out.
and i took pictures.
many pictures.
like, an obsessive number of pictures.
too many to post.

the end :)

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