Wednesday, August 12, 2009


the father killed his old, lovely, faithful truck for the cash for clunkers program, in favor of a spiffy new-fangled dodge.

poor truck. D:

i hate millipedes.

it's rosemary! XD

i made her a few weeks ago. i used an amigurumi pattern from lion brand. (amigurumi is a japanese style of crocheted stuffed animal. *nodnod*)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

pictures from tannehill and the evil rat thing

part i, in which i shew forth pictures from tannehill

a field on the way there.

we went on a trade day, and there was this random statue thing for sale.

'twas quite disturbing...

the wall of a cabin in a field, near all the trade day stuff.

there was a bunch of old junk, wagons, etc. laying in the field.

...including a random rusty stove...



part ii, in which i shew forth pictures of cho's evil rat thing

a few minutes ago i let cho in, and realized too late that she had a big rat-like creature in her mouth. =p (they're blurry because my camera wouldn't focus and i was shaking/screaming the whole time)

rachel had to get it because mother and i didn't want to were having panic attacks. YAY FOR RACHEL. :3

Monday, July 20, 2009

in which my wisdom teeth are yanked out

i got them out this morning. all day my lips and chin have been numb, but i can feel them now. it hurts to open my mouth, especially if i try to open it more than like half an inch. oh, and the only things i can eat are pudding and applesauce. -_-
the worst part of the actual procedure was getting the IV in (of course, i don't remember what happened after that). i had been breathing in happy gas for a few minutes ("i like happy gas..."), and of course before the excellent surgeon dr. brindley could put the IV in my hand, i was wont to protest ("PLEASE DON'T DO IT NOW!") and i had to hold my mom's hand. the IV spot is still a little sore. (what am i going to do when i'm an adult and my mom isn't with me for every single little medical procedure?) she told me i was in good hands, and then the next thing i remember is waking up and feeling like i had no lower face.
so then i went home and watched tv, played video games, and read firestar's quest all day, while stuffing my face with applesauce, strawberry ensure, and pudding.

PS: i shall try to remember to consider posting pictures from tannehill tomorrow.

PPS: i think i'm still a little bit loopy...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i haven't posted in over a month

i fail at blogging, seriously. xP i shall now make a commitment to blog regularly.

anyway, i'm getting my upper and lower wisdom teeth cut out on monday. apparently they're trying to push my 12-year molars out of the way because they have no room.
i had a choice between local anesthetic, happy gas, and happy gas + anesthesia. i chose the anesthesia because i didn't want to remember the whole thing. XD
possible side effects of the procedure include: nausea and vomiting, dry sockets, bruises on face and IV site, broken lower jaw, punctured sinuses, injured nerve under the jaw, and potentially death.
i know none of that will probably happen, that they just had to tell me that so they wouldn't get sued, but i really didn't want to know all that. =p
but i'm in God's hands.

(me, mother, and rachel went to tannehill today, but i'm too lazy to post any pictures right now.)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

in which i finally post pictures from the beach

i procrastinated posting these. yes, i'm lazy. sorry. XD

the bay as we approached the beach.

when we got there, i soon discovered (upon walking under the house) a dead fish, half-buried in the sand and nestled comfortably against one of the house's stilts. and there was much horror among myself and the cousins.

handsome face, no?

madie trespassing on the sand dune beside the house.

the sunset on our first night there.

the ocean. i really don't know why i didn't wait for this guy and his son to pass by...

don't ask.

BONUS. i deem this post as not containing enough pictures. (i didn't take as many pictures as i expected i would.) therefore, i shalt verily shew forth a picture of dad and taylor on father's day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

epic win indeed.

remember when i created a wikipedia article about myself?
well, this time i made one about cream of toad. XD
the one about myself got deleted, so this one probably will too. however! i took screenshots. (click them for a larger view.)

in other news... i'm going to the beach tomorrow, so don't expect any posts for several days. (not that i've posted for the last week anyway. =p) i promise i'll post some pictures!

...and then jennie had to stop writing and leave for church.
and there was much rejoicing.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

food for thought