Tuesday, January 13, 2009

odd piano experience... IN PRESENT TENSE!

i get home from stressful day at school and change out of my uncomfortable school clothes and into pajamas. i sit down on the couch and pass out. five minutes later, the absent-minded mother unit has a brilliant revelation:
which is scheduled to be in about 10 minutes or so. i run upstairs, grab the nearest hoodie laying on the floor and realize it would take quite a while to pull it over my rather large head. i grab the next nearest hoodie, put it on, put on some jeans, brush my wild hair, run out the door, go back to get my music books, run out the door, put on some flipflops, and run to the bananamobile on freezing feet.
the mother unit drives me to my piano teacher's house. there's a van parked in her driveway. it's 5:05.
me: "oh. that's her student that she teaches before me. they're a little late getting out."
and then an older girl bounces happily out of her van and into the piano teacher's house.
WHAT? END OF WORLD? my piano lesson is supposed to be at 5!
in a stunned stupor, i gaze at the door. the mother unit is talking on the phone, but i can tell she's rather confused. eventually she drives off and wanders around trussville for 10 minutes.
me: "i would just go back."
mother unit: "should i go back?"
so we go back. and we wait in the car for 15 minutes for the other girl to get out.
then we get out of the bananamobile, and my piano teacher, the mother unit, and the other girl's mom talk and laugh and the whole cacophony sounds eerily similar to a bloodthirsty brood of hens. then somehow my piano teacher saves me and herds me inside and i have my piano lesson.
then i go home and pass out.

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