Thursday, July 23, 2009

pictures from tannehill and the evil rat thing

part i, in which i shew forth pictures from tannehill

a field on the way there.

we went on a trade day, and there was this random statue thing for sale.

'twas quite disturbing...

the wall of a cabin in a field, near all the trade day stuff.

there was a bunch of old junk, wagons, etc. laying in the field.

...including a random rusty stove...



part ii, in which i shew forth pictures of cho's evil rat thing

a few minutes ago i let cho in, and realized too late that she had a big rat-like creature in her mouth. =p (they're blurry because my camera wouldn't focus and i was shaking/screaming the whole time)

rachel had to get it because mother and i didn't want to were having panic attacks. YAY FOR RACHEL. :3

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