Monday, July 20, 2009

in which my wisdom teeth are yanked out

i got them out this morning. all day my lips and chin have been numb, but i can feel them now. it hurts to open my mouth, especially if i try to open it more than like half an inch. oh, and the only things i can eat are pudding and applesauce. -_-
the worst part of the actual procedure was getting the IV in (of course, i don't remember what happened after that). i had been breathing in happy gas for a few minutes ("i like happy gas..."), and of course before the excellent surgeon dr. brindley could put the IV in my hand, i was wont to protest ("PLEASE DON'T DO IT NOW!") and i had to hold my mom's hand. the IV spot is still a little sore. (what am i going to do when i'm an adult and my mom isn't with me for every single little medical procedure?) she told me i was in good hands, and then the next thing i remember is waking up and feeling like i had no lower face.
so then i went home and watched tv, played video games, and read firestar's quest all day, while stuffing my face with applesauce, strawberry ensure, and pudding.

PS: i shall try to remember to consider posting pictures from tannehill tomorrow.

PPS: i think i'm still a little bit loopy...

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