Saturday, July 18, 2009

i haven't posted in over a month

i fail at blogging, seriously. xP i shall now make a commitment to blog regularly.

anyway, i'm getting my upper and lower wisdom teeth cut out on monday. apparently they're trying to push my 12-year molars out of the way because they have no room.
i had a choice between local anesthetic, happy gas, and happy gas + anesthesia. i chose the anesthesia because i didn't want to remember the whole thing. XD
possible side effects of the procedure include: nausea and vomiting, dry sockets, bruises on face and IV site, broken lower jaw, punctured sinuses, injured nerve under the jaw, and potentially death.
i know none of that will probably happen, that they just had to tell me that so they wouldn't get sued, but i really didn't want to know all that. =p
but i'm in God's hands.

(me, mother, and rachel went to tannehill today, but i'm too lazy to post any pictures right now.)

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Mom said...

You will love the whole wisdom tooth experience. Do not post any pictures of me.