Thursday, April 30, 2009

post #88: in which i go to the golf tournament and palisades park

the church did a golf tournament thing last saturday. the father was playing, so i went to watch him play for a bit and then go to palisades park.

the golf course was beautiful! it was a lovely sunny day. (this picture came out a little bit dark.)

the father gets ready to swing. (swing? hit? drive?)

AAANNNDD... he misses it. note the golf ball sitting undisturbed in the grass. methinks me and the mother were making him nervous by watching him.

he watches the ball fly after a more successful swing.

by the way, what are these large golf balls for? there were several of them, just sitting randomly on the ground. they're a little bigger than a fist. if you comment and tell me what they're for, you get the satisfaction of knowing you made a good answer.

on the way to palisades park.

from the cliffs at the park. the view was beautiful, but i was a bit nervous; i was afraid i might flop over the edge in a final act of utter clumsiness.

i zoomed in and got a little closer to the edge. and then...

i got up the courage to look down.
and then i fell.
just kidding.

oh, and there was some kind of gorge thing. people were climbing up and down it on a ladder. it looked fun.

and then the mother & i went to the cabin where some church people were eating


i had a cuteness-seizure.

inchworm... :'D

there was a beautiful sunset...

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jeri said...

That was a fun day. We must go back to Palisades with our hiking boots.

War eagle.