Thursday, April 23, 2009

post #87: in which i trash the trussville tea party

i've been meaning to blog about this for like... a week.
or two weeks?
the last month of the school year generally passes by in an indistinct blur.
which reminds me, the first day of summer i'll have to change the blog description to "explore the mind of a strange 8th grader."
...ANYWAY, i went to the trussville tea party last week, or the week before, or whatever. i was there for the last half hour; there were two or three speakers and some guy was singing and playing guitar when i left. while i was disappointed to find that there was no actual tea, it was interesting to see what people had to say about the taxes.
but more importantly, i took pictures!

it was at the mall, or whatever you call it. (where the tennis courts are.) there were tons of cars when we got there.

the crowd. there were about 250 or 300 people there.

one of the speakers. i didn't catch his name.
(actually, i probably did, but i forgot it 3 seconds later.)

one of the people had a 76 flag. (for 1776... the year the declaration of independence was signed. for the non-history people out there. :'D )

oh, and there was some girl wearing cat ears there.

and sitting nearby her, an emo boy.

"stop spending our future"

various signs. my favorite is "socialism smells like B.O."

"tea'd-off with government corruption..." there were a lot of "tea'd-off" signs.

"give me liberty or give me death... seriously."

"read my lipstick: no more taxes!"
i hope this lady doesn't mind me posting her picture. cuz, like, i didn't ask her. =D

after a few minutes i went to this playground thing. a bunch of random kids were sitting on the monkey bars, etc. i tried to be friendly, but none of them wanted to talk. XD

"don't tread on me"

a better picture where you can see the snake's head.

"congress: your pink slip is coming!" (i didn't get that one.)
"i'll keep my cash & guns. you keep the 'change'"

"no public money for private failure." i only vaguely get that one.

a big, random dog that belongs to someone else.

as i was leaving, the ice cream truck passed by. i refrained from chasing it down as it taunted me with its cheerful, irritating, repetitive song.

"party like it's 1773" (the year of the boston tea party)

this hundred-year-old tree stood sentinel a few hundred yards from the crowd, aloof from the protests and the issues which seem so huge and vitally important to us.

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