Wednesday, April 8, 2009

blogging fail.

i haven't blogged in a long time. D=
so i'm blogging now.

so yes, according to google analytics, in the last 6 days my site has had 8 visits.

all from america...

all from alabama...

all from birmingham...

all from me.

how pathetic. =D

yes, well. here are some random, completely-unrelated-to-this-post, etc. pictures for your viewing pleasure.

the soccer game.

this is chloe, my 7-year-old niece. =)

chloe is good at soccer. she's strong too; i'm twice her weight and she can pick me up. (i can barely pick her up.)

her game face.

girls sitting on chairs (middle and left): WE ARE THE LADYBUGS, COULDN'T BE PROUDER! etc.
chloe (right): ARGH. *covers up ears*

her goal at the end of the game!

she was very nonchalant afterward.

2. more pictures of my neighbor's flowers.

and the sunset, taken from the end of my street. (not my end, the other end. where the road abruptly turns into woods.)

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