Sunday, March 8, 2009

speaking of the bass pro shop

last saturday i went with the father to the bass pro shop.
and i took pictures.
many pictures.

there was a big fish tank.

and stuffed animals. =(

and a waterfall. surrounded by stuffed animals.

^ that reminded me of cho when she's about to bite you.

^ and i got really tickled at this guy because it looks like he's laughing. =3

^ this fish was huge. it was scary. i don't like fish.

^ see: twin

^ scary. =(

^ this reminded me of grippey, but 10000x more majestic.

THEY EVEN HAD SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Missy said...

You CRACK me up!
And I love the new name of your blog...but I will remember now to NEVER eat anything soupy at your house ;)

jennie said...

lol, thank you. =]
and yes that might be a good idea...