Tuesday, March 3, 2009

post #75: in which i am singled out for further questioning

so at school today, during lunch, this guy who was a missionary to vietnam during the vietnam war came and spoke to the 7th grade classes. (the girls AND the boys class, mind you.) he was really interesting, and he asked us questions - like, "why do you think america became involved in the vietnam war?" stuff like that.
so i knew the answers to most of the first few questions, but i didn't answer because i was scoping out the situation - making sure the guy wasn't the type who always asks "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" when you answer a question; that makes everyone look at you and it's quite embarrassing.
so whenever anyone would answer a question he would just go, "yes, that's right" and nobody would stare at the kid who answered. i liked this guy. so for the next question -
"why do you think we failed in the vietnam war?"
- i raised my hand.
"because we just gave up at the very end and withdrew our troops, and south vietnam fell."
every single man, woman and child turned around and stared at me.
"um... we gave up... at the very end. and south vietnam fell."
"...........yes, that's one answer."
he then proceeded to ask more questions, and whenever anyone else answered he didn't ask what they had said one. single. time.

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Missy said...

Mean Old Vietnam man! How embarrising for you!
I'm sorry :(