Tuesday, February 24, 2009


the father and some of his employees are doing some work on the roof of the porch.
what exactly are they doing, you ask? i have no clue, but guess what the only way onto the roof of the porch is? by crawling out my bedroom window.
so for several hours now i've been banned from my room. i can only imagine what they're doing up there - traipsing around with their muddy boots, maybe knocking over a picture frame or two.
i've been hiding downstairs for the whole time because my morning face + a bad cold + extremely bad hair day = ugly jennie.
yes, i'm having an extremely bad hair day. in an attempt to make it more presentable, i washed my hair about an hour ago. in the downstairs shower of course, which happens to be the parents' shower.
so i was in the shower trying to soak my ridiculously thick hair, when i remembered that there's an unfortunately-placed window right next to the shower that looks into the porch. slowly, i turned my head...
looked out the window...
and saw...
a man standing on a skylight.
so i crouched in the floor of the shower and considered my options.
my mom has about 451345645.8 bottles of shampoo. and conditioner. and color treatment. i tried to find some shampoo that didn't say "FOR COLORED HAIR" or "FOR SILVERS." i found one, but it was on a high shelf in the shower, right next to the window.
i raised myself slowly, like a periscope, grabbed the shampoo, and risked a glance out the window.
someone had thrown their jacket on the skylight. i should have known it was a jacket, but i was already so aghast at the possibility of several grown men seeing me in the shower that i immediately assumed it was someone crouching on the skylight, using a hammer or whatever.
with a slightly hysterical whimper, i crouched back down on the floor of the shower and shampooed my hair. it took a few minutes to find a suitable conditioner, but i did find one and i used it. i peeked out the window again.
ohhh! it's only a jacket on the skylight...
yes, i know, i'm very smart aren't i? but then i saw someone walk across the skylight.
so i found a random bar of blue soap (it had a small black object stuck to it. i'm pretty sure it was a little fly, but i didn't want to find out for sure). a few minutes later, i vaulted out of the shower, clean.
cho (who had been stalking me all morning and so had followed me into the bathroom) looked at me with utter disgust.

kinda like that.

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