Saturday, March 21, 2009

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

the ligonier conference was good.
long, tiring, but good.
it took 11 hours to get to orlando. by the time we were there i was languishing in a maddening, carsick boredom. XD but i survived.
my new favorite preacher (except for my pastor) is sinclair ferguson. (scottish accents are refulgent.)
you should read what tim challies has to say about it. he liveblogged the whole thing. =)
(i got to meet mr. challies, by the way; mother, however, forgot to actually introduce me to him. XD)
the hymns we sung were great. there were hundreds of people there, and almost everyone was singing. i actually didn't know the words or tunes to most of them, but they were good.
i'm so tired that i'm practically brain-dead. i'm gonna go get a drink.
of dr. pepper.

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