Friday, October 3, 2008

how to give a dog food and water

step 1: get the gross, sloppy dog food from your mother.

step 2: get a bucket. turn on the hosepipe and fill it up with water while guarding the dog food so your other dogs won't eat it.

step 3: error: you need to use the bathroom. try again later.

step 4: fill the bucket with water with the hosepipe.

step 5: error: the hosepipe is a tangled mess and won't work.

step 6: somehow carry both the bucket and the dog food back inside. use your sister's bathroom sink to fill the bucket up.

step 7: leave the dog food inside, slosh over to the dog's kennel, attach her water bowl to the wall and pour water.

step 8: run back inside, get the dog food, and run back outside and give the food to the dog.

step 9: by now your legs will be scratched up from running through the leaves and twigs.

step 10: success! good job. go and talk about it on your blog.

step 11: error: now you're needed at the Bible study to babysit.

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