Sunday, September 28, 2008

the tale of the enchanted kitty princess

once upon a time, there was an enchanted forest next to an enchanted creek with an enchanted bridge. an enchanted kitty princess lived in this forest.

she frequently crossed the bridge into giant-land, where the weird tall creatures that walked on two legs lived.

her favorite giant was the smallest one, who had a paler pelt than most and long, dark brown fur on her head. most nights, the kitty princess would curl up in the giant's bed and sleep on her gigantic feet.

now on the road from the enchanted forest to the giant's castle, there was a prison where a she-ogre lived. the kitty princess and the she-ogre had gotten into a fight long ago over a handsome knight.

one day, on a visit to the giant's castle, the kitty princess found that the giants had invited the she-ogre to live in their castle.

the kitty princess was furious, so she robbed the matriarch of the giants of her purse.

true story.

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