Tuesday, May 26, 2009

bracing myself

i'm turning 13 in a day and a half.
i generally don't make much of my birthdays, but i can't shake the feeling that i'm going to wake up on may 28th and suddenly have acne all over my face, be disrespectful to the parents, etc.
...and i just realized that i need to change my motto on the header to "explore the mind of a strange 8th grader." i meant to do that like two weeks ago...

anyway. i was in a weird mood the other night, so i ATTEMPTED to write a sonnet. this is what my strange mind came up with. (and you'll most likely only get it if you're in my immediate family, unless you've been spying on us.)

an unpleasant cat with a fur coat black
who as we know all too well is bad,
once bit me on my rather stiff back
and informed me that i was mad.
"mad?" says i, "why say you so
when you, the cat, consistently leaves
gifts of dead rodents for us to loathe
on the front porch rotting, you infinite sleaze?"
"because," says the feline, "you make a hideous sound -
high and shrill, a twisted victory screech;
'tis rather irritating, i have found,
and i implore you, on pain of death, to cease."
"i'll do no such thing," i staunchly replied,
but she went for my jugular, and then i died.

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