Sunday, December 14, 2008

in which i rant about photography

i found these randomly while i was looking through pictures. =]

she looks pretty dang evil in this one.

one of the few pictures in which cho actually looks cute. =3

i take so many pictures. my camera goes with me everywhere.
you never know when a potentially good picture will show itself. usually, though, when it does i don't have my camera. whenever cho or star's doing something funny in the living room, my camera is always in the kitchen. whenever i see a pretty sunset on a long car trip, it was the one time i left behind my camera.
i took this about 2 or 3 months ago. it was a harvest moon, but it had already risen and didn't look yellowish any more. oh well. my dad pulled over into the driveway of a bank to let me take it.

i took these pictures this summer. we were on a ferry boat thingy going to baytowne in florida. madie was trying to talk to me. i ignored her because i was taking pictures.

so. the moral of this rant. don't be afraid to trespass on public property to get a good picture. ignore your cousins on a ferry to get a good picture. be an obsessive picture taker and carry your camera with you all the time until people doubt your sanity.

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