Saturday, November 8, 2008

the 21st century odyssey [a weird dream]

act 1
i went to sleep that night and i dreamt.
the first thing i was aware of was the homely scene which i so often encountered in my waking hours. i, rachel, and my mother were sitting in the living room when rachel burst out --
"mom, can i have a kitten?"
the usual answer came. "no."
and in my dream i had a brilliant (but not startling) revalation - i inexplicably gained the power to speak & understand the animal language! so, obviously, why not steal a kitten from walmart?
i found myself magically transported to that shop of wonders, and immediately saw a small, beautiful black tom in a cage. close by his side were two tiny kittens. i nonchalantly shuffled over to the tom, who informed me that the kittens were his own and he was 3 months old.
"you're a father at 3 months old?"
"yes. my mate died in kitting."
in my dream i was satisfied with this answer, and questioned no further.
"sooooo." i said. "i'm gonna steal you; is that okay?"
glancing around, i hastily unfastened the lock on his cage and he and his kittens jumped out.

act 2
again, i found myself magically transported - this time to the creek in the backyard.
my cat friend wanted to explore, so i obliged.
he chose the left direction (when you're facing the creek from the house) and, upon tramping through a few meters of dense green-brown undergrowth, i discovered that a beautiful, isolated, yellow-red glen had appeared there, and that the creek was a picturesque river in that spot. on the other side of the river was a rocky slope, and beyond that a meadow.
the young black tom cat joyfully bounded down the riverbank, magically stepped across the river (which in my dream i thought completely rational) and climbed up the slope; after that frolicking in the meadow.
after either a few seconds or several hours of watching him, i noticed that it was evening and bid him come inside to meet the family.

act 3
the house was in chaos.
everyone was preparing for the coming of lady grandmother, whom i had never met. (she inexplicably carried a connotation of lady catherine from pride and prejudice, and also had a stalker called mr. collins.)
when i & the three young cats entered the house, the first person to notice us was my (very busy) mother.
"who are those cats? take them outside."
i turned to ruefully say goodbye to the cats, but they disappeared before my eyes. (i thought this completely rational too, as they were no longer needed.)
then, without anyone telling me, i realized that lady grandmother was coming to have a critical surgery that would either save her life or kill her. also, it would be performed in my bedroom.
upon her arrival, she looked basically like lady catherine from pride and prejudice, but had a much nicer temper and was a dear, sweet thing that i immediately loved. nothing really seemed the matter with her, that would require critical surgery like this. she brought with her a mr. collins, who was exactly like the one in the book.
the doctor, and various aunts and uncles (including uncle tommy) arrived without really coming (again, completely rational).
somberly, they all went up to my bedroom to perform the important surgery.

act 4
i was the only one who remained downstairs and missed spectating the surgery; i was too nervous and squeamish.
after telling laura to tell me what happened as soon as it was over, i went outside (it was deep nighttime now, and the stars were much brighter than usual, and were more numerous and seemed closer) and ambled up near the road to look at the stars, and to calm my nerves.
after a few moments, i heard mr. collins' voice in my head. (he wasn't there, of course; he was watching the surgery in my bedroom.)
"why do i sometimes see you flying into windows?" he said in a dreamy, singsong voice that made my hair stand on end in my dream (and probably in the physical world as i slept, too.)
at these words, lady grandmother's car (an expensive blue-ish one like in back to the future) started, hovered about 5 feet in the air, and circled the cul de sac. then it spiraled, and flew into the neighbor's huge, open window, where it was enveloped in light and disappeared, never to be seen again. (it's the neighbor with the army of shrubberies in the front yard & whose wife hates the dogs.)
i immediately understood it to mean that lady grandmother had died in her surgery, and it seemed like the road had told me stuff like that before. i slowly and sadly walked inside. cho, grippey, and rocky joined me and pressed against my legs to comfort me.
everyone was gathered silently in the foyer; i asked laura just to make sure, and she said lady grandmother had died.

act 5
a few years later (which passed by in a split second and which i didn't experience at all) i traveled to lady grandmother's old estate. despite there being a grand mansion there, the lady had lived in a quaint cottage with a rounded, pale green door. i walked up to the door, put my hand on the worn brass doorknob, and opened it.
then i woke up.


a true dream - not exaggerated in the least.
do i need help or what?

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