Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween/fall festival/reformation day/october 31st!

i dressed up as a cat-girl! :3
(NOT a cat. a cat-girl. learn the difference.)

peace in!

THE HELLO KITTY TOTE BAG. man, i've been waiting for the perfect time to actually use it. awesomesauce.

cho doesn't think it's all that great, really.
in fact, she hates everything.

so anyway, i went trick-or-treating. obviously. *I ATE TOO MUCH SUGAR!!* for the first 10 people i went to, i bid them a happy reformation day.
"happy what?" said a 40 year old witch that was trying to look 25.
"reformation day," i replied cheerily. "when martin luther nailed the 95 theses to the w-wa-war of the church." WAR? WHY DID I SAY WAR?! i was trying to say "door" and "wall" at the same time. I COULDN'T SAY ANYTHING BUT WAR! curse my habit of stumbling over words.
"ohh, okay," the witch said intelligently.
i went away cursing myself. "WAR? WHY DID I SAY WAR?!" i completely ruined it!! i beat importunately upon myself!

ah, well. happy reformation day. :)

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