Thursday, September 11, 2008

haikus of wisdom, part iii - my day in a bunch of haikus!

woke up feeling sick
as usual. ate muffins,
went to pits of school.

there was silence in
the carpool. awkward silence.
like always, bahah.

first half of school day
boring as usual, but
i took notes this time.

lunch was interesting
hung out with friends and got chewed
out by a teacher. :(

second half of day
longing for the end of day
i think i took notes.

three o'clock, school's out.
carpool was silent again,
but i'm used to it.

came home at four, ate
macaroni and cheese. now
i'm writing this post.



creamy shells and cheese
falls in slow-mo through the air
and lands on my leg.

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