Saturday, August 2, 2008

yard sales are overrated anyway

so i ended up not going to the stupid yard sale because i was sick. (they're having it at my uncle's house.) -_- i guess i would have had a heat stroke anyway.
but now what do i do? i can't go to sleep because i've already had my caffeine. i can't read, because the aforementioned caffeine is giving me the jitters. (i drank hot chocolate with extra caffeine because i hate coffee. did i mention CAFFEINE?)
i guess i just have to spend the next five hours on the computer. toughing it out because my mom took the medicine i need with her to the yard sale.
*sigh* anyway.

me and grippey, the strange-looking wonder-dog. :3

this is pretty much the epitome of me running around the church building, being stupid with my friends.

my pretty fantasy forest creek in my backyard. it's foggy. =D

wow... what an incredibly depressing picture... i feel the happiness melting... disintegrating... disappearing.

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