Friday, July 25, 2008

oh the horror!

theif! fire! murder!
rubber bands!
yes, this is a picture of me. i covered my eyes to hide my identity from the cops. please don't believe me when i say that.
...ANYWAY, notice the bit rubber bands on my braces. feel their terror.
i feel like some twisted, demented creature it trying to jam my jaws into each other. actually, that's pretty much what's happening.
ibuprofen doesn't help.
i keep tensing up my jaw for some reason, which doesn't help.
now i'll look like some kind of weird fish-person who has spit strands across her mouth! EW! what will the kids at school say about me? what about... THE GUY? *swoons*
i'm clearly overreacting. breathe, fish... breathe...

on the brighter side, i bought a cute hello kitty tote bag at target today. i plan to use it to carry books to school. if the stu... unusual "NO PICTURES OR WORDS" dress code will allow it.
oh, and i bought some stickers too.
stickers are cool.


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