Sunday, July 6, 2008

mmm, dq.

i just ate an oreo brownie earthquake from dq.
i'm lactose intolerant, but it was totally worth it.
but on the way to and from dq i saw something sad.
a big rottweiler was wandering around my neigborhood and on the adjoining service road. his backside was white. my mom said it was mange.
mange. white mange. all over his rear end.
i saw him wandering towards service road on the way to dq, and he was crossing it on the way back. he was obviously lost; he looked confused and didn't go near any of the houses. my mom checked the paper and i checked petfinder, but we couldn't find any ads for a lost rottweiler.
i'm really upset. service road is really busy, plus it's storming. i'm praying that the poor doggy won't be hit by a car and find his owner soon.

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