Thursday, July 31, 2008


today i'm going to see wall-e!
i'm excited. i'm going with my cousin/friend. maybe i'll see... THE GUY there. *swoon*
...anyway, i decided to put my hair up today, which is a rarity. so i got the mom to put a ponytail on the side of my head.

haha, you thought i would identify myself, didn't you? THINK AGAIN, COPPERS. you can't really tell, but the ponytail is in fact on the side of my head.
also, it looks like i have a really pointy chin, but i don't. i was making a weird face. in reality, my overbite is so bad i have a very puny chin.
...anyway, like the hair? i know you do.

BONUS. because i deem this post not interesting enough, here's a picture of a drawing of a cat-girl and one of me trespassing on a sand dune.

drawing manga is fun.

how was i supposed to know it was illegal?


UPDATE. i saw wall-e. it was really cute. it gets a gold star. :D
that is all.

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