Monday, June 16, 2008


today my cat woke me up at 6:00 am. nothing unusual, but i was surprised and greatly annoyed that someone had randomly turned on both of the overhead lights and all the lamps in my bedroom. (probably my dad, who took my polka-dotted phone to work today because his blackberry didn't work.) after shutting the cat out and turning off all the lights i went back to sleep.
at about 9 i woke up and opened my door - the cat had clawed at a bit of the already-frayed carpet trying to get inside my room. again, nothing unusual. my mom made a bowl of oatmeal, which i ate in half a minute. slightly unusual.
while i was playing mario kart wii, my mom called my dad, who was at the doctor's for his foot. when i had told my dad he could use my phone, i didn't remember that my mom's ringtone was a very annoying, shrill, startling cat meow that played over and over again. it had gone off in the middle of the doctor's office when my mom called my number. then of course my dad had to pull out the tiny black phone with colorful polka-dots. very unusual. everyone laughed.
it's noon now, and i have to do a math lesson when i finish writing this. ARGHH. i didn't finish math in 6th grade, so unfortunately i have to finish it with my unfortunate guyfriend, who also didn't finish, over the summer. (i homeschool, but unfortunately i go to co-op classes twice a week.)

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